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Consumer advocate and professional speaker Tom Antion vows to clean up an industry that’s becoming dirtier every day. He’s got a television show and documentary in development to expose the bad people in the industry so you don’t get robbed by them.

If you would like to volunteer for “Antion’s Army” contact Tom and tell him how you feel you could help.

There are far too many scammers out there for Tom’s present team to handle. He is looking for all kinds of assistance. He needs researchers, investigators, law enforcement, former law enforcement, surveillance experts, film & video production expertise, legal, protection services for the crews along with regular people who have been wronged and want to get restitution and help keep others from falling into the same traps.


High Quality / High Content
“How To” Webinars


Real Fast Pinterest: How to Drive 168,000 Targeted Visitors to Your Website for FREE


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List Building 901: How to Grow Your List and Turn it Into Big Bucks

They say the gold is in the list and they aren’t kidding. Who is “they”? It’s every smart marketer that’s making lots of money. If you want to be in that elite group, I suggest you watch this webinar and implement everything in it.


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Tom Antion Mentor Program

There are only two reasons you should watch this webinar. 1. You want to accelerate your success in building or improving an online business, 2. You want to see what a high-end program looks like so you can start one yourself.


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Podcasting 901: The Fast Track to Creating, Marketing and Monetizing a High Quality Podcast

In this webinar you’ll learn the basics of planning and creating a high quality podcast. You’ll also have an opportunity to be featured on Tom’s popular podcast “Screw the Commute”.


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How to Maximize the Value of Any Speaking Engagement

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There’s way more to it than you ever imagined.
In this insider’s Webinar Tom reveals the secrets only the top grossing speakers know. These secrets will help you to blast through average speakers fees . . .


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30 Speaking Tips in 37.625 Minutes

I’m going to blast through 30 immediately usable tips that can help make you WAY better on stage and help you get your fees up way higher where they should be.

Not only that, but use these tips and you’ll get invited back over and over.

Offered at three convenient times this week.


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How to Make a Fortune Speaking at Fundraisers

Click Here to Learn How to Do Lots of Good in the World and Make Money Too

Tom has done this personally well over 100 times in his career and each time it’s been a win/win/win for him, the group he did it for, and the audience members who attended. How can you beat that? It’s also the number one way that speakers can earn a consistent income in any economy.


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Copywriting 901: The Fast Track to Writing Words That Sell

This is the number one skill I’ve developed to help me make a fortune selling both online and off.

In this webinar I teach 5 critical advertising copy techniques every single business person can easily incorporate to help massively increase their bottom line.

Anyone and I mean ANYONE can add these five techniques to their business. You don’t have to be a good writer or even be able to spell that well.

Even though I’m only going in depth on 5 techniques I’ll be showing you 31 other things used to sell more of your ideas, products and services.


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Higher Education: Is College Really Worth It?

Two ways to get educated: Listen to / download the audio above
or check out the video below!

Before you watch this webinar take the college RipOff Quiz at

Only two kinds of people should watch this webinar. 1. Smart Parents with College Age Kids and 2. Young people that want to start earning their own money fast. 



45 Business Tips in 45 Minutes

Business Success Webinar

Three Convenient Times Today and Tomorrow

OK. Maybe I can’t get them all in that fast, but I guarantee this will be one of my shortest webinars ever.

I promise you there will be something for everyone in this super fast-paced webinar.

For those who stick to the end, you’ll get a million dollar tip and audio recording showing
you exactly how to implement it.


Here’s the title of the complimentary audio file:

“How to Be in Front of a Million Warm Prospects in the Next 90 Days”


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How to Make Websites the Search Engines Love for 20 Bucks or Less

Click Here to Create Fantastic Websites on the Cheap

Tom has built a nice big empire of websites and blogs that make him lots of money and he probably paid less for twenty of them than you paid for one. . .


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Real Fast Social Graphics with Daniel Hall & John Kremer

    • You Will Learn:
  • One “Tip-o-Graphic was repinned over 1.4 Million times and drove over 122,547 website visitors.
  • To create your very own Book-O-Graphic that folks will love and share virally.
  • You can effectively use Pinterest even if you’re not a graphic artist and couldn’t design your way out of a wet paper bag.
  • The characteristics of the most shared info-graphics on Pinterest and how you can exploit them – and its not what you’re thinking 😉
  • One unbelievably simple hack can make your graphics jump off the page . . . you want your stuff to stick out like a sore thumb amid all the noise.
  • PLUS: You’ll see a gorgeous yet simple graphic created in real time . . . I’m positive you’ll be saying, “I can do that!”

Just register below and reserve your seat… it’s 100% FREE! Three Convenient Times this Week PLUS Tom will be available to answer all your questions.
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Video Playlist Secrets with Mike Stewart and Jeff Herring

    • You Will Learn:
  • Put together “Curate” content from others and yourself for fun and profit
  • Make more money with curated content membership sites
  • Build your list with unique opt in gifts
  • Keep your list members happy (nurture gifts) so they stick with you forever
  • Learn a bunch of creative ways to build your expert stature by being seen with other highly respected experts
  • PLUS: Mike and Jeff will have three super secrets with regard to Video Playlists.

SUPER PLUS: Virtually all the tips are IMMEDIATELY USABLE

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3 Critical Things You Must do NOW to Increase Your Bottom Line

Advanced Business Webinar – Offered 3 Times This Week

This webinar is for established business owners.


If you’re starting a new business and want to avoid wasting time and money.

Doing what I cover in this webinar is GUARANTEED to:

=> Make you more bucks
=> Save you tons of bucks
=> Save you tons of time so you can do more of the things you like to do.


You’ll even have a chance to have a complimentary 30 minute business strategy session with me.

P.S. Just like most of my webinars, you can send questions to me. (Keep your email open for answers as soon as I can get to them.)

Sponsorship Roadmap: How to Get Big Companies to Finance Your Dreams
With Roberto Candelaria

In this webinar Roberto Candelaria tells you critical elements you must do to get big corporations to fund your projects.

=> What Sponsorship Is… And Why You Want Sponsors!

=> Why Sponsors Need YOU… Get Paid To Help Them Reach Their Business Goals

=> Get your book, website, events and dreams sponsored… Finally be able to breath knowing the bills are paid.

=> How to find the “right” person for your sponsorship… You won’t spend countless hours making sales calls.

=> How to connect with the person writing the sponsor check!… Roberto has seen too many talented people panic and lose hard earned money only to scramble to find a day job because they didn’t know how to approach a sponsor to get funding for their great ideas

=> How YOU Can Get Started TODAY…

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What You Need to Know About Collecting Money Online


Click Here to Learn How to Evaluate Online Merchant Accounts

Finding Your Public Domain Fortune


Click Here to Learn How to Create Awesome Products Starting With FREE Government Printing Office Documents

Hybrid Webinars: How to Make a Fortune with Live Rebroadcasts


Click here to learn the secrets of replaying your webinars over and over again

YouTube Super Secrets


Click Here to Learn All the Trick of the Trade to Maximizing Your Results On YouTube

Outsource to the Philippines for as little as $1.70 per hour

I tried using brokers and it was nothing but a disaster and a month of wasted time.  You MUST learn the cultural differences to be successful in hiring people directly so you can cut out the middle man.

Click here to learn how to outsource to the Philippines



  1. Tom, you are the greatest- whenever I have a question you and your team have the answer! I’ve listened to you for 15 years and finally I’m in your 1 year internet marketing training program YAY!

  2. Tom,

    I listened to your webinar on publishing Kindle books and it was awesome. Unfortunately I cannot find the link any longer to purchase the program. Will you please provide me a link?


  3. Although he has a great sense of humor, Tom Antion is a “no nonsense” guy who offers solid, quality advice. He “walks the talk” and you can trust what he shares.

  4. Tom is the best! Tom is honest! He shares what he has learned. He is always reaching out to improve himself by learning the latest and greatest and then sharing. Tom is NOT afraid to share his knowledge.

  5. I clicked on your “get more information here” button for your “Scholarship Opportunity” & it wants me to log in first …. How do I get an account to be able to log in?

  6. Hi Pam! Thanks for our interest and sorry for the delay! It’s not asking you to have an account, just to let me know who you are and how to contact you—Name and email address.

    Antion & Associates

  7. I’ve just signed up to be one of Tom’s students and can’t wait to start doing lessons. At the same time I plan to listen to most of the seminars on this page. I just heard the one that convinced me I’d be crazy not to attend Tom’s Internet Marketing School.

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