How To Maximize the Value of Any Speaking Engagement

There’s way more to it than you ever imagined.

In this insider’s Webinar, Tom reveals the secrets only the top grossing speakers know. These secrets will help you to blast through average speakers fees so you can come home with speaker fees normal people would characterize as:
  • Not believable!
  • That can’t be true!
  • You made how much in a 90 minute speech?
It’s not hocus pocus folks. Ask any promoter Tom speaks for. You can earn enormous amounts….at the very least more than you’re earning now . . . with simple, easy to implement . . . yet little known techniques.

In this super high content webinar you will discover:

  • How to raise your fee and get it.
  • How to use regular publicity and “very specialized” speaking publicity to earn more at each engagement
  • How to negotiate multiple bookings
  • How to have an array of upsells just waiting for the meeting planner to say YES.
  • How to add tremendous value to each engagement so you are always in demand
  • Solid Deposit and cancellation policies that will earn you more money
  • How to sell when you aren’t allowed to sell.

And Tom’s not done yet. You’ll also learn:

  • How to work “No Fee” speeches to maximum financial advantage
  • How to get booked at public events where you can sell large amounts at the back of the room.
  • What public events to avoid like the plague…Tom avoided these for about 6 years until he had proof he was ready.
  • How acting like a pro can make you more money . . . Tom laughs at the Divas who speak at the same events he does when he goes home with their money.
  • 3 super duper bonus techniques for everyone who sticks with Tom to the end.
And like every Tom Antion webinar you’ll get much, much, more.

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