How To Make Websites the Search Engines Love for 20 Bucks or Less

….and you can be proud of them too.

Tom has built a nice big empire of websites and blogs that make him lots of money and he probably paid less for twenty of them than you paid for one.

You will learn:

  • How to make a gorgeous website or blog in 2 days or less . . . once you know the secrets you’ll never overpay or wait forever to have a massive web presence.
  • How to choose a domain name . . . cute names aren’t always in your best interest.
  • Where to get cheap and reliable hosting . . . pick the right place and have your website going with just a couple clicks.
  • What plugins are…and how they make your website do all kinds of cool things.

In addition to that you will discover:

  • How many widgets it takes to change a light bulb hahahaha…well maybe Tom won’t cover that, but you will know exactly what widgets are and what they’ll do for you.
  • How to add things to your site with virtually zero web skills…Put in a couple hours practice and you’ll be publishing around the world for ZERO cost.
  • Where to go to get custom graphics for your site for less than 10 bucks. . . great graphics are dime a dozen if you know where to get them.
  • How to notify the entire world every time you add content to your site. . . .thousands of geeks are happy to give you their “Ping” lists.

And like anything Tom does….you’ll get much, much more

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