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Consumer advocate and professional speaker Tom Antion vows to clean up an industry that’s becoming dirtier every day. He’s got a television show and documentary in development to expose the bad people in the industry so you don’t get robbed by them.

If you would like to volunteer for “Antion’s Army” contact Tom and tell him how you feel you could help.

There are far too many scammers out there for Tom’s present team to handle. He is looking for all kinds of assistance. He needs researchers, investigators, law enforcement, former law enforcement, surveillance experts, film & video production expertise, legal, protection services for the crews along with regular people who have been wronged and want to get restitution and help keep others from falling into the same traps.

High Quality / High Content “How To” Webinars


Crowdfunding: How to Get the Money You Want and Never Have to Pay it Back

How cool is that? Sponsorship and Crowdfunding Expert Roberto Candelaria rocked everyone’s world by showing everyone on this webinar how they could get FREE money. This is not hocus pocus! This is a real funding method that’s sweeping the world to finance things you wouldn’t believe. Click here to watch NOW! (Note: Like all my webinars the bonuses and deals are still good even on the replays.)

Kindle Riches: 44 Tips to Write, Format and Promote Amazon E-books

I’ve been selling online since the commercial Internet started in 1994. Kindle is without a doubt one of the best opportunities I’ve ever seen for small business people to promote their products and services.

Click Here to Learn How to Use Kindle E-books to Make Yourself a Fortune

How to Maximize the Value of Any Speaking Engagement

Click here to Learn to Make More Money Every Time You Speak

There’s way more to it than you ever imagined.
In this insider’s Webinar Tom reveals the secrets only the top grossing speakers know. These secrets will help you to blast through average speakers fees . . .

Click here for more info

How To Create Prospect and Profit Pulling Content in 20 Minutes or Less with Jeff Herring

In this immediate results oriented webinar you will actually create a piece of usable content in your field and learn how easy it is to crank out content like crazy.

Click Her to Learn How to Create Content in 20 Minutes or Less

How to Make Websites the Search Engines Love for 20 Bucks or Less

Click Here to Create Fantasic Websites on the Cheap Tom has built a nice big empire of websites and blogs that make him lots of money and he probably paid less for twenty of them than you paid for one. . . Click here for more info

How to Make a Fortune Speaking at Fundraisers

Click Here to Learn How to Do Lots of Good in the World and Make Money Too Tom has done this personally well over 100 times in his career and each time it’s been a win/win/win for him, the group he did it for, and the audience members who attended. How can you beat that? It’s also the number one way that speakers can earn a consistent income in any economy. Click here for more info

“How To Create Great Video With an IPad or IPhone with Mike Stewart”

Mike Stewart will show you how to make fantastic video on an ipad or an iphone with a $5.00 app. This is a can’t miss webinar if you want to start cranking out great video without spending a fortune.
Click here to watch ipad and iphone video magic right before your very eyes

What You Need to Know About Collecting Money Online

Click Here to Learn How to Evaluate Online Merchant Accounts

Finding Your Public Domain Fortune

Click Here to Learn How to Create Awesome Products Starting With FREE Government Printing Office Documents

Hybrid Webinars: How to Make a Fortune with Live Rebroadcasts

Click here to learn the secrets of replaying your webinars over and over again

YouTube Super Secrets

Click Here to Learn All the Trick of the Trade to Maximizing Your Results On YouTube

Real Fast Webinars

Click here to Learn the Secrets of Highly Profitable Webinars

Outsource to the Philippines for as little as $1.70 per hour

I tried using brokers and it was nothing but a disaster and a month of wasted time.  You MUST learn the cultural differences to be successful in hiring people directly so you can cut out the middle man. Click here to learn how to outsource to the Philippines



  1. Tom, you are the greatest- whenever I have a question you and your team have the answer! I’ve listened to you for 15 years and finally I’m in your 1 year internet marketing training program YAY!

  2. Tom,

    I listened to your webinar on publishing Kindle books and it was awesome. Unfortunately I cannot find the link any longer to purchase the program. Will you please provide me a link?


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